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Is amazon KDP worth it? yes if you are ready to put in the smart work. NO if you are are lazy like me in 2021 when i decided to put interest in amazon KDP. Though after going through the story of my first encounter with amazon KDP, you might not blame me much. I only worked with the information I have at that time. Here is my story. Prior to 2021 I have heard about Amazon KDP. The success stories flying all over the internet but as Nigerians our relationship with online stuffs is full of trust issues so i ignored it.

IS AMAZON KDP WORTH IT? My first trial

In 2021 i decided to give it a try, man must survive, Nigeria is not getting better and earning in dollars is a plus. i went to YouTube, trust those guys over there, there exaggeration no be here. “make $100 daily publishing on amazon” , “make your first $1000 publishing on amazon KDP” who no want that kind money. some people in the comment section of the YouTube video are not even helping matters. Positive comments go full everywhere. i don’t know if they are the youtuber relatives trying to push their relation hurtle because at the end of the day, its all about views.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you won’t learn genuine stuffs on YouTube but many are just after the views. One got my attention, I think the caption is something like make $100 even if you have never written a book in your life(this works anyway but……) besides nah me dy find short cut. The video talked about going online, look for plr books, download and upload boom $100 daily. see soft work. i immediately look for plr books downloaded one on affiliate marketing, download another one on fashion. I targeted guys and ladies, sabinus smart move. upload the two on amazon KDP started calculating how I will spend my dollars, boom one was blocked, the other didn’t even make one single sale until i unpublished it because I later realized my mistakes and i don’t need such book to still be live on amazon to avoid suspension of my account. I gave up, called it scam, blamed it on anything i can think of and that’s that. I’m even lucky I didn’t get my account banned because that’s still the account I’m using now. At this point if you ask me is amazon KDP worth it? your guess is as good as mine.


IS AMAZON KDP WORTH IT? my second trial

Fast-forward to August 2023 my guy from the university days posted his earnings on amazon KDP on WhatsApp status, i was like shuuuu this guy? I called him on phone, I was like Guy who you wan scam, this thing dy work? is Amazon KDP worth it? O boy! my guy shock me, show me proofs. Why i decided to even reason am was back in our university days we are just some set of unserious students not that we are not intelligent but school no be our thing. With due respect to my guy I better pass am small for book. He copies from me as i copy from the main source. So for him to be making money from this, I can also and you that is reading this post. So he sent me a link to a video course, at that point I have decided not to buy any course online because they don’t practice what they preach but I decided to buy the course reason being that since this guy can do this, I can as well. Truth be told this happens to be the best course i have ever bought online. It took me like one week to go through the videos and believe me when I say that even a dummy will understand this video course. In 2021 I didn’t know that amazon has a set of rules and regulations when it comes to book formatting, measurements, book cover measurement, processing of payments, they don’t even pay direct to local bank account you must have a foreign bank out either in dollars, euro, pounds, etc.



The course opened my eyes to all these and took me on a step by step guide that enabled to earn my first dollar online since I started trying in 2008. By September I made first dollar. I think by the end of September, I made $9, October $24, November $11, December $38, January $68. Yes its small but the grind that pays you $1 can pay you $1000, it all depends on you. Maybe by the time you are reading this article, the income will be in thousands of dollars every month. This sales is just from 8 books, no ads and the target is to get to 100 books. This books are all selling because the course will teach you how to write on something that is selling already. It will teach you on how to leverage on ai to write this books so even if you have never written any book in your life, it got you covered or you are a publisher but not making sales it got you covered too. It’s not about having 100 books and only 5 is selling but having 100 books and like 95 is selling. Who knows you might even start making more money more than me if you have the time to write more books.


To be honest if you buy this course through the link I will be pasting shortly I will earn some commission notwithstanding but are you going to get the value for your money? I cross my heart, buying this course will be one of the best decisions you have taking in your life if you really want to make money from amazon KDP. Is amazon KDP worth it ? yes if you follow diligently everything in this course. knowledge is wealth. Click on the link below to get access.